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Docs24. Document management services.


Docs24 is a marketing solution providing web to print and data services. A portal to streamline the creation and distribution of promotional material.

The company needs a new website to showcase the offered services and the platform’s benefits in an easy and effective way.

Why did the company ask for a new design? To increase the ROI. It’s a benefits chain: higher engagement [which produces] customer loyalty [which produces] recommendation network [which produces] higher conversion [which produces] higher sales.

Through the main landing page, blog and internal pages that provide deeper information about each industry, the design language aim is to communicate the values of a modern and tech company.



A new appealing sales website balancing the information density


potential new customers around the UK


showcase and demonstrate the benefits of services for different industries

and improve

our client’s network with branding techniques that prompt the user to get in touch with the company

ux goals

+ think about the most efficient way of presenting and organizing services to prospective new clients through a well-structured architecture

+ communicate the core business of the company

+ show the benefits provided

+ communicate a dynamic B2B relationship

User Profiling

Once we had a clear idea of how similar companies promote their services and what matters to our user profile, we summarised the research.

The motivation and pain points helped us to identify opportunities for improvement; a marketing strategy and a curated blog section are a valuable resource for the company to keep web content fresh and have a relationship with their customers.


Once we were comfortable with what we had, we moved to wireframes and start thinking about how the interface would actually work

We started focusing on the core messages and contents of the landing page, and gradually expanded to cover everything needed.

outcome + ui

The first wireframe provided a really solid foundation of the core UI structure.

It was time to move on to higher-fidelity representations and incorporate the brand and visual elements.


As an external contractor, I made decisions based on market knowledge and research provided by the company.  

An opportunity to learn how a visual choice can be read differently by different users and the importance of using a personal language for our specific market target.

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