Social gamification of charity donations

Giver. Track your impact.
Choose, share, improve. Together.

— Work under NDA + Concept app. Brand colors and logo changed.

Giver helps people to see their impact for the good that they do. It shows for each donation made to any charity, how much of that charity’s impact is attributable to each user.

Giver believes that people are more inspired seeing their donations in terms like "You funded 30 malaria nets in Africa" rather than "You gave £100 to charity".



a delightful mobile experience


charity donors


make the donation process engaging

and improve

participation and contributions into the charity channel, converting new people and expanding the network

ux goals

+ from Data Centered Design to Player Centered Design to engage new donors

+ good understanding of the the player, the mission and the motivations

+ as a user I want to read about the charity, see what impact my donation will have for a given charity, review past donations, have a common goal with my friends and share my contribution via social so I can show people the real value of making donations


Once we identified the main features required by donors we visualized the main user screens of the process.

During this initial step, we worked on a smooth experience addressing the initial user needs and business requirements.


What about making the charity donation a social process?

Engaging new donors via social / cause sharing, will help people to see their impact related to their contribution.

This process can help the charity communities to run themselves by encouraging positive behaviour.


Including a gaming feature is a challenge that requires a deep understanding and knowledge.

I first created an interactive prototype to test the initial gaming concept.

Achievements and tracking give people a reason to keep donating with a tangible investment in the charity community.

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